Creating Regional Pull

When it comes to dealing with marketing online or in person, it is important to create regional relevance with the product. Oftentimes, people feel a strong connection between themselves, the products the buy, and where they live.

In this day and age, it is very important to support small businesses. It is the only way to fight large corporations. This is why many people tend to shop at local markets, even when they are more expensive.

If you are marketing a certain product, it is important to try to create that same kind of connection between the product and locale. This article will give you some tips that may help in manufacturing this kind of regional relevance. Remember, you can use these methods online too so you can become a lead generation specialist.

Marketing like a local

Use familiar terms

One useful tactic that you can employ is using terms that are regional or familiar. This helps create a sense of belonging and authenticity around the product. For example, I was once in Trinidad and Tobago where a fried chicken restaurant utilized the word “riddim.” This is a great way to make the product seem relatable because it phonetically spells out a Trinidadian accent. In addition, the concept of rhythm runs deep within the music and culture of the island nation, making the regional pull even stronger.

Notice regional trends

Another approach is to think about the things that are idiosyncratic of a city or region. For example, Los Angeles is well known for having bad traffic. There are many billboards around the city that market a certain product while making a reference to how bad the traffic is. This makes the product seem familiar and desirable.

This concept can really encompass anything. Maybe you can make a reference to the climate of the region, whether it is characteristically hot or cold. Use your imagination and have fun!

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